Little-Known Facts About Me

It’s pretty easy to share little-known facts about me because most people don’t know me, personally. And since this is my personal web page, I thought this would be a good place to start, for anyone who wants to get to know me. So here’s a list of little-known facts about me. Even if you know me, there may be a few things on this list that you might not know about me. Either way, I think it’s a fun way for you to get to know more about me. So hold on to your opinions and let’s go. 🙂

I used to take violin lessons.

Yep. Aside from taking piano lessons while growing up, I used to also take violin lessons from a member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. I used to own a great accordion as well. I’ve dabbled with so many instruments over the years, mostly because it’s just plain fun. However, I’ve moved so many times and now I own no musical instruments unless you count my MP3 player. But that’s okay. Music will always be important to me.

I love coffee!

Okay, this is only a little-known fact if you don’t know me at all. But I’ve been called a coffee snob many times. I’ve eased up on the snobbery side of coffee drinking, but I do love a good brew. I’m not a robust coffee drinker, although I don’t mind a good kick-in-the-face cup of joe from time to time. Mostly, I drink medium brews. I was once convinced that I should open a coffee shop. I had it all planned out. It was going to have a medieval theme (I love the medieval era) and it would look like a castle. It would have been awesome. Maybe someday… who knows?

I once helped “teach” a gymnastics class.

It was summer vacation and I really only went to help out just to be around cute girls my age. I never took gymnastics lessons, but I was a pretty squirrely kid. So my neighbor asked if I wanted to help her out. Mostly, I just got the floor mats out and picked them up at the end of class. But, hey, cute girls, and I was a young guy. So you do the math.

I love doing experiments.

I am a self-experimenter. I’ve done year-long meditation experiments, fasting experiments, confidence experiments, I even ate a meat and water only diet for about 75 days as an experiment (under my doctor’s supervision). It’s a great way to test things out for myself. I like to speak from experience, not just theories. So I’ve kept myself busy, over the years, experimenting on so many aspects of life. It’s kind of my thing.

I wasn’t abducted by aliens (that I know of).

I grew up with a love of UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, and the supernatural. One of my favorite TV shows was “In Search Of…“, hosted by Leonard Nimoy. Oh, the childhood memories! Anyway, because of this, I often joke about coming from a mothership that’s hovering above the earth. So I tend to get called an alien by friends. But, as far as I know, I’ve never been abducted by aliens.

I love creating art.

I’ve been away from creating art (unless you count writing) for a while because I have other priorities that keep me away from doing it. Right now, I devote most of my time to designing and creating my dream life. But I have an art project that I’m looking forward to doing later on. When I was in high school, art was a central part of my life. And I still love it deeply. If I don’t have some kind of creative outlet in my life, I start to get grumpy and depressed. Right now, writing is it for me. But I will get back to creating art again someday.

For those who might wonder, this is a watercolor I created of a Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait. I kept the watercolor mostly thick, like gouache, only not. It’s not perfect, but I like the moodiness.

I’m a middle child-ish.

I have an older brother and a younger brother. I’m the middle child among the boys in my family. However, I have a younger sister, who is the youngest of all my siblings. But before she was born, I was a middle child for a while. So unless I have alien brothers and sisters that I’m not aware of, I have only three great siblings. I also have at least one confirmed doppelganger. Does that count as a twin or maybe another sibling? Hmmm….

I have had transcendental experiences.

Don’t ask me to explain, but I’ve had experiences that even if I wanted to explain them, I couldn’t because words don’t exist in the human experience that would explain them. But I’ve had some key experiences in my life that were, for lack of a better phrase, life-changing. And I still feel the ripple effect of them even months or years later.

I used to be into Fencing, big time.

Yes, I was inspired by The Princess Bride as a young guy. And I so wanted to learn how to fence like they did in that movie, and any other old-timey movie I saw like Cyrano De Bergerac (an all-time favorite), Scaramouche, or The Three Musketeers. One lucky day, I discovered a fencing club was opening in my hometown. I was beyond excited. I went to check it out, but they weren’t open yet. However, they were nice enough to give me a tour and I signed up for classes as soon as I could. They were so new that I had a class all to myself. And it was amazing. One day, after a tournament, a judge came up to me and said, “It’s so refreshing to see a fencer using such good form. If you keep fencing, I have high expectations for you.” That was high praise for doing something I loved doing. But eventually, I moved away and that was about it for fencing in my life. I don’t have many pictures from that period. This was a video capture I did a long time ago. But that was me as a fencer.

I’ve produced two albums of music.

I used to have a great synthesizer module and software to record and mix my music. During that time, I created a CD of spaced-themed music for a nature center that I used to volunteer at in Michigan. They were going to be having a space-themed exhibit, so they commissioned me to make some music to play in the background while visitors were checking out all of the science exhibits. Also, I created an hour-long ambient music track to use as a backdrop when I’m reading. But it also is great sleep music. I use it regularly for that.

I am not a member of any organized religion or political party.

This is really the first time I’ve publicly stated this beyond some close friends. Normally, I just don’t talk about it because it causes so much pain and grief for so many people. But I am respectful of all belief systems, even if I don’t follow them or agree with them. Because I want the respect and freedom to believe what I want, I will offer you the same respect and freedom. My bottom line, treat everyone well and fairly, just as I would like to be treated, regardless of what their religion or political views are.

I once attended a Live Action Role-Playing game event.

We stayed in cabins in northern Michigan (lower peninsula), and we were in character most of the weekend. I was an elf. I had the really awesome fake pointed ears that everyone kept asking me if they were real. I happened to believe I was a pretty good elf. You be the judge. Anyway, I was there with my good friend (whom I’ve since lost touch with…sad, I know) Angie McGarry. And the brutish Orc on the left was a really cool guy whose name escapes me at the moment, but I think it was Jarred. This was such a cool weekend. It was the one and only time I ever participated in something like this, but I had a blast.

I have a wacky and maybe a bit insane sense of humor.

There was this episode of The New Girl where the guys were teasing Jess because she liked to sing about mundane life events, like cooking or sleeping, etc. I got a particular kick out of it because I do that all the time. I’ve been trying to talk Tammy (my wife) into adding a musical period to our day where everything we said to each other would be sung in the style of a Broadway musical. Even if we just did this for 30 minutes, it would be pretty sweet, if you ask me. Anyway, that’s one example. I’m not a normal guy, but if you read my writings, sometimes I might come off as a bit serious. Often that’s because I’m direct and to-the-point because that’s more appropriate. But let’s just say that I don’t act like a typical 49-year-old. However, I think it works for me. 🙂

::end list::

Okay, I guess that’s about it for my first blog post here. Don’t expect another blog post for a long time. Why? Because blogging isn’t on my agenda right now. Creating my dream life with my dream wife is my top, and highest priority right now. I have big plans for the future, but all things in their own time.

If you have any questions or comments about anything from my list, you know what do to. Drop in a comment and stuff. Cheers!